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14mm Porsche Teflon Coated Lug Nuts

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14mm Porsche PRO Series TEFLON COATED Lug Nuts

Developed for IMSA (CTSCC) endurance racing, where fast wheel changes and high speed impact guns are common. Our PTFE coated wheel nuts provide quick release from the socket. No more jammed nuts. More importantly, you will obtain consistent torque values and provide lubrication to the stud's threads and nut seats.  Compared to more expensive competitor's products, our Teflon nuts have a 4mil coating that is uniform across the entire nut.  Your crew will love the easy to locate Hi-Visibility Yellow.

For all Porsche: M14x1.5mm with R14mm radius ball seat. (sold individually)


  • Eliminates wheel seat galling
  • Good gun release characteristics
  • Corrosion Resistant: Greatly reduces fastener corrosion

Note: Gun settings may have to be adjusted down. The target torque setting does not change (eg: 90-100 lb/ft), however due to the lubricity of the coating, gun settings may need to be adjusted down to prevent the higher socket speed/inertia from "over-torquing" and damaging your studs.

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